Broadcast TV

Image of an old fashioned television set. It is turned off, and light relfects against its blank grey screen.
CC image by dailyinvention

From its rudimentary beginnings in Spain in the 1940s, audio description has come a long way (see our timeline here).

It is now available via broadcast television in the UK, US, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, France, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Korea, Thailand, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and a number of other European countries.

Australian is the only English Speaking nation in the OECD not to offer audio description on television.

People who are blind and vision impaired have been calling on the government to change this for at least 20 years, as Emma Bennison, CEO of Blind Ctizens Australia explains:

“Blind Citizens Australia and other organisations across the blindness sector have been advocating for twenty years to get an AD service on Australian television. We have shown extraordinary patience and a willingness to work collaboratively with Government through the various trials and consultation processes, but twenty years is too long, and we will no longer allow Governments to ignore us.”

This website and our ongoing research aims to support and promote the addition of audio description services on Australian television.