On Television

Image of a woman messily eating popcorn while watching television, holding a remote control in her hand.
Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay

In June 2020, Australia’s two national broadcasters introduced audio description on free-to-air television.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

The ABC provides audio description on select free-to-air programs throughout the week on the ABC main channel, ABC ME, ABC COMEDY, and ABC Kids. More information can be found via the ABC audio description FAQ. They also provide a program guide to help viewers identify which shows are audio described in the upcoming week.

Special Broadcasting Service (SBS)

The SBS also provides a selection of audio described programs on their free-to-air SBS and SBS VICELAND channels. You can find more information in the SBS FAQ and SBS audio description program guide.

If you receive television services via Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST), using a satellite dish, you can also access SBS’s audio description service. There are three models of VAST set top box that can receive SBS’s audio description service.

Instructions on how to set up audio description on these set top boxes, and a schedule of SBS programs with audio description, are on the SBS website at https://www.sbs.com.au/aboutus/audio-description-services